How Much Money Gets Donated Every Year to Charities in the U.S.?



Nowadays, charitable foundations and nonprofit companies are a dime a dozen. Sometimes you may even feel overwhelmed by their fierce competition for your donations. You even see ways to donate while purchasing restaurant gift cards or ordering products online.

There are more than 1 million charities within the US. Though the charities differ in size, they all work to better the nation. People have helped raise money through simple ways such as purchasing restaurant gift cards, for various causes. Giving has even continued during times of recession.

2011 showed an increase in charitable donations of $6 billion from the previous year. People donate to various charities to help support hospitals, help areas hit by natural disasters, to help find cures, and other laudable purposes. 

So how much money gets donated to these millions of charities within the United States each year? For some, the answer to this question is quite remarkable considering the recent and present economy. Many do not realize how big charities are and how much money they are able to raise. For example, in 2012, charitable giving totaled over $315 billion.

How are charities raising such large amounts? Advertising and making charities easily accessible are a big part of how much money is donated each year. You may have been asked to donate to a charity while paying for your groceries and perhaps you have purchased restaurant gift cards that give a portion of your payment to a select charity, or maybe you have donated your change to Santa as he rings his bell outside your favorite shopping center.

Companies are beginning to see that providing a way for their customers to donate to charities increases their reputability and customer loyalty. Schools have also seen benefits of providing families with a way to donate to various charities through simple means such as fundraisers like selling restaurant gift cards, food drives, or collecting coats.

Individuals account for nearly 80% of money donated in the United States. Corporate giving, foundations, and religious groups also contribute to the amount of money raised each year for charities in the United States.

Though charities are receiving such large amounts, there is still a need for more donations. Giving is as simple as purchasing restaurant gift cards and can be as little or as much as you desire. Every little bit helps to improve quality of life for others.

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The Use of Binaural Beats

Binaural beats have been used since the mid-1800s to help stimulate relaxation and meditation. Since the beginning of this auditory process, new developments and improvements have been made. There are many benefits to be found when using binaural beats in your practice.

Explaining this Activity

Binaural beats are tones created by two separate frequencies perceived by the ear when those frequencies are heard together. Some listen to binaural beats using loud speakers but many prefer to use headphones. When two sounds of similar frequencies are played through headphones, each ear being presented with a different frequency, the brain assimilates a new sound: the binaural beat.


This meditation technique can bring many benefits for your mind and body. This can help you in many ways and here we are giving you a short summary of

  • Stimulation of the Brain – you can experience an increase in memory, creativity, focus, and memory retention.
  • Reduced Stress – the body is able to enter a more peaceful state of relaxation and stress can be let go and drastically reduced.
  • Increased Body Wellness – binaural beats help bring positive emotions that can benefit your wellbeing for the better.
  • Deeper Relaxation and Meditation – when you feel deeply relaxed through the use of this auditory process you can increase your mentality, focus, and peace of mind and body.
  • Self-Confidence –released endorphins and serotonin bring feelings of happiness, love, and hope.
  • Better Sleep – certain frequencies are set to help induce sleep and help relax an active mind.

Each person will experience their own unique benefits from listening to binaural beats. There are many varieties of music selections that incorporate binaural beats and the frequencies can be used differently to get different benefits for whoever uses it.

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Yoga & Meditation

Many people are using yoga as one of their ways to meditate. Yoga is not just the mastering of positions and postures. Besides the flexibility and strength one gains from participating in yoga, many have learned how to reduce stress with yoga. Yoga helps you to get flexible and stronger in physically but also helps you to get relaxed and stronger mentally which is very important. Most people do not pay attention to this issue of getting stronger mentally.

Having a healthy mind will help you through your life. Being relaxed means you are in a good state of mind which will lead to make good decisions and help you in your relationship with other people. By being without stress you will pass that positive mindset to everyone around you who will make the environment you work, or go to study; much more pleasant

If you are wondering how to reduce stress in your life you may find yoga to be very beneficial. Through the practice of yoga an individual uses mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines to help them reach a state of lasting peace. Modern yoga practices implement the use of the following:

  • Correct breathing
  • Good relaxation
  • Correct body positions
  • Appropriate exercise
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thoughts during meditation

Meditation with yoga can bring balance to your life and help reduce the emotional, spiritual, and physical effects of anxiety or tension. There are many other ways to meditate and get the meditation benefits you may be looking for; how to reduce stress is one of the goals that you can reach by practicing meditation. There’s also music for meditation which ensures to help you to get to the right state of mind when meditating a little faster, this can be considered a bonus because it helps you so much and makes it easier to get to the right state of mind. For more information you should go and visit:

Benefits of Using Ho’oponopono

Some people find themselves lost in the world of past experiences or feelings. They hold grudges, get stuck on the bad choices they’ve made in their past, and some have lost hope of moving past these destructive feelings. If you have found yourself in this position, you may enjoy the benefits that Ho’oponopono can bring to your life.

What is Ho’oponopono?

The Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono is based upon the principles that the things that happen in your life or in the world around you are your responsibility.

This principle of Ho’oponopono does not place blame on an individual but rather an obligation to take responsibility of your emotions during life’s problems and disappointments. Ho’oponopono provides individuals with a simple process that will allow them to release bad memories, experiences, and displeasures.

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Ho’oponopono focuses on these few simple phrases that can help in the healing process and allow you to overcome the bad thoughts or feelings you are experiencing. By simply realizing that the world around you is of your making and the result of your actions, bad memories, or unpleasant thoughts are in your control you can begin to let go, allow yourself to heal, and move on with a better life through Ho’oponopono.

Reap the Benefits of Ho’oponopono

When you participate in the practice of Ho’oponopono you are able to create a new you. You can free yourself of bad thoughts and feelings by looking to your inner self and the Divine You. Ho’oponopono can provide you with many benefits such as being able to:

  • Cope with negative feelings
  • Find peace when others have wronged you
  • Gain control of your actions and thoughts
  • Let go of emotional baggage you’ve been carrying
  • Recognize your inner strength
  • Reduce stress levels and increase in happiness

The benefits of Ho’oponopono are unique to each individual as each person has their own personal struggles to overcome. The methods of Ho’oponopono you participate in will play a large role in the benefits you experience and the magnitude of them.

Learning More about Ho’oponopono

If you have a desire to learn more about Ho’oponopono and how to begin practicing this beneficial Hawaiian healing process there are many places to get started. You may enjoy the various books available that teach about Ho’oponopono, classes you can attend for a better in-person experience with Ho’oponopono, or various online businesses that inform and provide necessary tools to ensure you are able to practice Ho’oponopono successfully.

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Different Relaxation Techniques Part ll

Alone Time & Visualization

A little quiet time can allow you to visualize yourself relaxed and provide you with time to think and process the hectic things going on your day or life. When you notice your emotions are climbing and you begin wondering how to reduce stress that you are experiencing, a little time-out away from distractions and the things that stress you can help you feel more relaxed and focused.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness

Oftentimes stress is a result of relationships whether intimate or not. But showing and expressing love can be the answer to your question of how to reduce stress you are feeling. A hug to a friend, a cuddle with your puppy, or even selfless service can help release the stresses in your life. Showing compassion and forgiveness to others through methods such as Ho’oponopono or other methods can drastically reduce stress levels.

Relaxation techniques can have quite an impact in the reduction of stress in your life and can also provide you with many other benefits like helping you with personal decisions because you have a clearer mind after you perform any of the relaxation techniques. These techniques as well as others can provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Your search for how to reduce stress can come to an end with these relaxation technique ideas.

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Different Relaxation techniques You Can Use Part l

There are numerous relaxation techniques that can be tailored to you that you may choose to consider when wanting to know how to reduce stress. Some techniques such as meditation, visualization, and showing love are a few techniques that have proven successful.


When searching for how to reduce stress many people think of meditation. Meditation is a popular technique for calming the nerves and improving relaxation. This relaxation technique comes in many forms and can be as simple or complex as you desire. As you find your inner peace and exercise breathing techniques you learn to release tension in your body, you learn to let go of feelings of anxiety, stress, and even fear. Meditation will help you not only to relax but after relaxation is achieved you will be opened to better thinking because when stressed you will not think as good and rational as when you can think when relaxed.

Exercise and Muscle Relaxation

Daily exercise can greatly reduce stress levels. Expending pent up energy through exercise will keep your muscles occupied and let your mind work through your stress without increasing it at the same time. The feeling of accomplishment after completing a workout is also another stress reliever. Working out the kinks in your muscles will allow for a greater level of relaxation or release through stretching and muscle relaxation ending up with another technique that will teach you how to reduce stress.

Exercise can be very helpful to you for your meditation or a way to find some type of relaxation. Physical activities helps you to release a lot of stress and gives you the feeling of knowing that you are in a better harmony with your body. There are many ways to relax and some of them can be very personal such as reading, listening to music and even just hanging out in the pool. Get to know different ways on how to reduce stress other than the Ho’oponopono technique. You can find many ways such as using music for meditation and start getting the meditation benefits that you’ve been missing. Please go and check out this website right here for more information —–>

Benefits of Using Music for Meditation

Music for meditation

Music for meditation

Meditation itself has a lot of benefits for you. It can help you to make certain decisions, solve personal problems, if you are having any kind of problems with your closed ones bring them closer and overcome these kind of problems, and most of all relax. Meditation is a great way to get the negative thoughts out of your head and start thinking more positively when facing certain situations of you life.

Music is a great and unique way to meditate, music is inspiring and can empower yourself. Music will help you get rid faster of those negative thoughts and increase your awareness.

Benefits of the Use of Music for Meditation

The human body requires exercise to remain healthy and strong. Our brains are not different to what our body needs. We need to exercise and stimulate our brains to keep them focused, healthy, and to promote happiness in our daily lives. It can provide the stimulation our minds need. Using this comes with many other benefits such as:

  • The ability to meditate deeper
  • Promotes sleep
  • Encourages healing and renewal
  • Helps reduce pain

Music for meditation provides each person their own unique benefits, but everyone can benefit in at least one way using this method.

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