How Much Money Gets Donated Every Year to Charities in the U.S.?



Nowadays, charitable foundations and nonprofit companies are a dime a dozen. Sometimes you may even feel overwhelmed by their fierce competition for your donations. You even see ways to donate while purchasing restaurant gift cards or ordering products online.

There are more than 1 million charities within the US. Though the charities differ in size, they all work to better the nation. People have helped raise money through simple ways such as purchasing restaurant gift cards, for various causes. Giving has even continued during times of recession.

2011 showed an increase in charitable donations of $6 billion from the previous year. People donate to various charities to help support hospitals, help areas hit by natural disasters, to help find cures, and other laudable purposes. 

So how much money gets donated to these millions of charities within the United States each year? For some, the answer to this question is quite remarkable considering the recent and present economy. Many do not realize how big charities are and how much money they are able to raise. For example, in 2012, charitable giving totaled over $315 billion.

How are charities raising such large amounts? Advertising and making charities easily accessible are a big part of how much money is donated each year. You may have been asked to donate to a charity while paying for your groceries and perhaps you have purchased restaurant gift cards that give a portion of your payment to a select charity, or maybe you have donated your change to Santa as he rings his bell outside your favorite shopping center.

Companies are beginning to see that providing a way for their customers to donate to charities increases their reputability and customer loyalty. Schools have also seen benefits of providing families with a way to donate to various charities through simple means such as fundraisers like selling restaurant gift cards, food drives, or collecting coats.

Individuals account for nearly 80% of money donated in the United States. Corporate giving, foundations, and religious groups also contribute to the amount of money raised each year for charities in the United States.

Though charities are receiving such large amounts, there is still a need for more donations. Giving is as simple as purchasing restaurant gift cards and can be as little or as much as you desire. Every little bit helps to improve quality of life for others.

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